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Will India become a “DEVELOPED” Nation..?

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Before I get the privilege to comment anything .Let’s Understand the meaning of Development .

Development and Success are the two terms that has always been misinterpreted since years .Someone says that success is all about getting “Money and Power”. But ,Believe me ! ,You will find many people around you that are mentally unstable even if they have lots of Money and Power .

Coming to Development, It’s a very subjective term .

For an Infant ,Development is when he/she starts to crawl .That is termed as Physical Development .

When a poor farmer living in Hut is able to put Asbestos at the roof top ,then also ,It is termed as his Development .

India is on its way to become the largest Population Country on the earth .Technologies and Scientific researches are doing wonders day by day .We ,as a Country have travelled a very long distance .But ,there is something that is left behind .

What is it ?

It is those ~6% population that is living under extreme poverty .Leave the poor people for now .These 6% population have nothing to do with so called researches and technical advancement .These poor fellow does not even know the word “Science”. They are only concerned for Human Edible foods that someone donates to them after cursing them for begging.

Imagine yourself as an illiterate person and then think what are the ways you can earn money from . Now ,Imagine yourself as a weak person that is not getting enough nutritious food in order to maintain your metabolism .What are the options to earn money for you? BEGGING ! Isn’t it ? .

Having said that ,I am not ignoring the fact that capable person also do begging by impersonating them as a poor beggars and thus they are creating a foul image of Beggars in the society .

Beggars are not curse neither is the Begging. Everyone is a Beggar today ,Difference is of demands and Needs .Someone Begs for Bread ,Someone Begs for Butter .

In a Nutshell ,these people who are living under extreme poverty are 50 years behind the modern technical advancement .And ,Without bringing them into main Stream of Development ,Even Thinking India to be a DEVELOPING nation is Crime .

These poor people are the mirror that shows you that you are rich .These are the stimulus for you and me of having a feeling of richness. These are the reason for a sense of satisfaction between us that these is someone that is having more misery and painful life than us .

My Humble request to you all is ,Whenever ,you see these type of People around you ,Never forget to help in whatever way you can .

This will not only give you pleasure but also gives you a sense that you have done something Worth and Pious.

Come Together ,let’s contribute your fraction for India to be a Developed Nation.

If you want to see the change ,Be the Change you want !

~Sumit Saurabh

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